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]interstice[, meeting of the unclassifiable, created in 2006, returns to present its 12th edition consecrated to the visual, sound and digital arts and also to the discovery of those new artistic languages.

A highly anticipated cultural event, the festival proposes a parcours and opportunities for exchange with the artists that have come from Canada, Japan, from Holland and Spain, from Norway, Belgium and from France.

The web of ]interstice[ is woven of shadows, lights and visualisations of information. As with each edition of the festival, our choices reveal a common ground, that appears thanks to relationships that link these works of art. ]interstice[ 2017 distinguishes itself as a particularly luminous edition with Nonotak, Félix Luque Sánchez, Myriam Bleau, LAB[au], Pascal Haudressy, Jacques Perconte et Jean-Benoît Dunckel… however, as is demonstration by the installation by the dutch artists of Children of the Light, each of the creations also has its share of shadows.

Each work allows us to discover the materialisation or mixing of light and data, to produce black holes, to visualise an algorithm, to scan nature.

The 2017 edition of the festival is in itself an affirmation of partnerships through programming of co-productions oriented towards the relationship between the arts and sciences. Since its initiation in 2015 a series of residencies for original productions will be presented at the Cargö in 2017 with Herman Kolgen (Canada) and in 2018 with Yro & Martin Messier (France, Canada), Thibaut Bellière and Paul Duncombe (France)…

Finally, the festival ]interstice[ will be the occasion of other encounters : the professional encounters devoted to the “creativity and digital cultures”, a FabLab workshop at the Dôme, the “unguided” visits so as to discover more closely the artist and venues of the event, and “correspondances” a new format open to the programming of our partners.

David Dronet & Luc Brou


children of the light (nl/no)

diapositive 2.0 church old saint-sauveur
square saint-sauveur

from 3 pm to 7 pm from tuesday to sunday, and from 10 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm on friday.
diapositive 2.0

© Children of the light

Diapositive 2.0 is a dance of shadows and lights. As one enters the church, the spectator is plunged in a fog, as all-encompassing as it is light. A suspended circle emerges from this abyss. One is unable to distinguish whether it is a luminescent circle or in fact a black hole. Taking a closer look, it will be possible to test, in touching the light with ones hand, or witnessing it disappear. Light is matter.


Children of the Light reunites in Amsterdam the artists Christopher Gabriel (Norway) and Arnout Hulskamp (Netherlands). Together they aim to mystify the public in creating installations and scenography that plays with shadow and light.

pascal haudressy (FR)

lignes, plans, contrepoids abbaye-aux-dames
square reine mathilde

from 2 pm to 6 pm from tuesday to sunday.
Extension to 4th of june from 2 pm to 6 pm from monday to saturday.
visuel Pascal Haudressy

© Pascal Haudressy

Frames and screens are placed at several locations within the exhibition space. Their resonance offers a game of correspondence. The elegance and the simplicity of their connections reveals a profound complexity in the production of the work and in the relationships that are put at play, where painting seems to communicate from one piece to another.


Since 2005, Pascal Haudressy has created sculptures, installations and videos that are characterised by their technicality and the use of precision technology and joins in the reflection upon our relationship with these technologies.

félix luque sánchez & iñigo bilbao (ES)

memory lane abbaye-aux-dames
square reine mathilde

from 2 pm to 6 pm from tuesday to sunday.
Extension to 4th of june from 2 pm to 6 pm from monday to saturday.
Memory Lane

© Félix Luque Sánchez et Iñigo Bilbao

Memory Lane was born of the landscapes of the Asturies in Spain, that were the backdrop of the childhood and adolescence of these two artists. These ‘paysages’ were virtually and scrupulously modelled. On one hand, two 3-D images in black and white, on the other a sand form of the rock reproduced in all its detail floats on a platform moving ever so slowly. The sound caused by the magnetic field creates a meditative environment. The crawling displacement of these two hyper-realistic although artificiel elements are two facets of one same approach to memory and to space. They speak of our perception of reality and our capacity to produce fiction, through a simple game or a complex technological procedure.

http://www.felixluque.com http://www.ibl3d.com

Félix Luque Sánchez (Oviedo,1976) creates sculptural and audiovisual works that make reference to science-fiction, utilising technology and digital forms of fabrication. After having taught at Barcelona, he is a resident artist and Fablab ,anager of the IMAL in Brussels. Félix Luque Sánchez has notably exhibited in Berlin (transmediale), Linz (Arts Electronica), Gjion (LABoral) Brussels (BOZAR) Montréal (Arsenale et Musée d’Art Contemporain) and in France (Scopitone in Nantes, VIA in Maubeuge, EXIT in Créteil, Némo in Paris…). Félix Luque Sánchez lives and works in Brussels.

ñigo Bilbao is a spanish artist specialising in the 3-D modelling who has collaborated on several occasions with Félix Luque Sánchez and gas exhibited at Linz (Arts Electronica), in Barcelona (Art Futura), Gijon (LABoral).

félix luque sánchez & damien gernay (ES/FR)

bois mort (Part of Memory Lane) Le pavillon
10 quay François Mitterand

from 1 pm to 7 pm from tuesday to sunday.
Extension to 14th of may.
Bois mort

© Félix Luque Sánchez et Damien Gernay

The artists scanned the small forest situated behind the home of Iñigo Bilbao in the Asturies. It is a dead wood, the dying trees and branches naturally produce chaotic architecture. Inspired by this landscape, they developed a simple assembly system of one hundred neons generating complex structures. These electronic branches produce luminous “behaviour” and the amplified sound finds its source in the electromagnetic fields of the electronic components of the neon lights.

http://www.felixluque.com http://www.damiengernay.com

Félix Luque Sánchez (Oviedo,1976) creates sculptural and audiovisual works that make reference to science-fiction, utilising technology and digital forms of fabrication. After having taught at Barcelona, he is a resident artist and Fablab ,anager of the IMAL in Brussels. Félix Luque Sánchez has notably exhibited in Berlin (transmediale), Linz (Arts Electronica), Gjion (LABoral) Brussels (BOZAR) Montréal (Arsenale et Musée d’Art Contemporain) and in France (Scopitone in Nantes, VIA in Maubeuge, EXIT in Créteil, Némo in Paris…). Félix Luque Sánchez lives and works in Brussels.

Damien Gernay (Paris, 1975) is a french artist schooled in design and scenography in Belgium before his entry in the Fresnoy at Tourcoing. Since 2007, he has created his design studio in Brussels.

lab[au] (be)

signal to noise le dôme
3 esplanade Stéphane Hessel

from 3 pm to 7 pm from tuesday to sunday.
Signal To Noise

© LAb[au]

Signal To Noise is a circular structure composed of 512 mechanical flaps hung at eye level such as one may find in an airport or train station. Outside the circle, the spectator can see the mechanics of the piece. Inside the circle, the spectator can see the letters and numbers on display. The flaps are piloted by an algorithm. Amidst the mass information, or “noise”, appears words that have meaning, the “signal” . The expression “ Signal-to-noise “ is a term that defines a loss of information (from the signal towards the noise) in a flux of data or in this case, from noise to signal, the extraction of information.


LAb[au] is a group of artists (Manuel Abendroth, Jerome Decock et Els Vermang) founded in 1997 and based in Brussels. The name LAb[au] is an association of “ labo “ signifying research and the german term “Bau” expressions the concrete realisation of projects and directly references the Bauhaus art school.

nonotak (jp/fr)

narcisse v.3 école supérieure d’arts & médias caen/cherbourg
17 cours caffarelli

from 3 pm to 7 pm from tuesday to sunday.
Narcisse V.3

© Nonotak

Narcisse (Narcissus) V.3 is a mysterious sculpture in permanent motion inspired by the greek myth. Along the length of the school gallery, a series of square mirrors move incessantly. The ensemble produces multiple alternating and scintillating shapes, amplified by the powerful sound. Through the evolving and rotating angles, surfaces, the speed and the synchronisation with the sound, Narcisse V.3 offers new ways to perceive the space in which the spectator is immersed.


Nonotak studio is a duo composed of Noemi Schipfer (illustrator) et Takami Nakamoto (musician) who develop luminous and sonic immersive architectures, in the form of installations or performances. They have performed notably in Montreal (Elektra, Mutek), Tokyo (Roppongi Art night) New York (Axcess Art Gallery) and in France (Nuit Blanche à Paris, Scopitone in Nantes, Mirage in Lyon)…

the “unguided” visits

three meetings

the “unguided” visits meeting at the Dôme patio at 2:45 pm.
3 esplanade Stéphane Hessel

Saturday 29th, sunday 30th April and saturday 6th may from 3 pm to 5:30 pm.
]interstice 11[

© Luc Brou

The “unguided” visits are another way to discover the festival. The objective is to present to the public the ‘behind the scenes’ and the whole of the exhibition to present the works. These visits permit the discovery of the different aspects of the realisation of ]interstice[ and of its future projects.

concerts / performances

le cargö

Jacques Perconte & jean-benoît dunckel (FR)

le cargö
9 cours caffarelli
thursday 27th April / 9:30 pm

© Perconte & dunckel

The musician Jean-Benoît Dunckel (of the group AIR) and the director Jacques Perconte, grand artist of color landscape teamed up to initiate a captivation visual and sonic conversation. Based on scenes filmed in Normandy, with each pixel Jacques Perconte composes an impressionist painting. The flood of digital pigments illuminate the screen, the incredible colours that emerge entice the eyes. In response, Jean-Benoît Dunckel folds in layers of music, amplifying the power of the image. The whole constitutes HyperSoleils that radiates the big stage.



nonotak (JP/FR)
le cargö
9 cours Caffarelli

thursday 27th April / 9:30 pm

© Nonotak

Takami Nakamoto of the duo Nonotak (with Noemi Schipfer) performed in 2016 on stage at the Club. Her explosive light/percussion/machine set had ignited the public and left us hungry for more. This year, Nonotak is present for an exhibition (cf. page 18) and a new artistic project on the big stage at the Cargö.



Les tontons bringueurs (FR)
le cargö
9 cours Caffarelli

thursday 27th april / 9:30 pm

Les Tontons Bringueurs is a collective composed of 15 DJ’s reunited by electronic music. For the festival ]interstice[ for which they will perform at the opening and closing night at the Cargö and at the Dôme, Flo.S will mix a melodic techno and percussive bass while Ni1ce will offer up a House set.

école supérieure d’arts & médias caen/cherbourg

Myriam Bleau (CA)
17 cours caffarelli

thursday 4th may / 6:30 pm

© Kinga Michalska
© Severin Smith

Autopsy.glass is an audiovisual performance that explores the visual, sonic and symbolic potential of the wine glass to catalyse the tension associated with its anticipated destruction. The handling becomes increasingly violent with time of amplified glasses and the artist maintains a luminous and musical suspension of resonance and debris.

Produced thanks to the support of the Council for the arts and literature of Quebec and the ENCAC European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation as well as a push from Recto/Verso (Quebec) and from Eastern Bloc (Montreal). The creation took place at Laboral (Gijón, Espagne) in April 2016. Myriam Bleau is represented by Marc Langlois, La Chasse Galerie in Montréal.
Myriam Beau is a composer, multimedia artist and musician originating in Montreal, working on the frontier between musical performance and the digital arts. She aims to create audiovisual systems that go beyond the screen as she realises musical interfaces of performance. Her activity on the popular music scene has guided her electronic hybrid practice, that integrates elements of hip hop, techno and pop. Her work has been recognised internationally, notably at: ELEKTRA (Canada), ARS Electronica (Austria), Transmediale (Germany), Sonica (UK), Maintenant and Scopitone (France), Sonar and Lev (Spain).


le dôme

closing aperitif le dôme
3 esplanade stéphane hessel
saturday 6th may / 7:30 pm
variable (FR) 9:30 pm

© Variable

Julien Paci works through various artistic disciplines and collaborates closely with the artist Jean Lain since 2009. Passionate about experimentation, he develops a sound work since 2014 based notably on the modular synthesiser and possible visual interactions. Nicolas Germain has been performing on stage since the 80`s under the name el TiGeR CoMiCs GRoUP. Influenced by the punk rock and electronic music scene of the 70’s, he elaborates a language that sources its material from the history of popular music and its links with visual arts. At the end of 2016, the group Variable was born, united around a common instrument and the will to explore generating systems and the random.


Myriam Bleau, Soft Revolvers (CA) 10:30 pm
Soft Revolvers

© Leif Norman

Since its creation in 2013, this visual and musical performance never stops touring festivals across the globe. Invited to the ésam to unveil its latest project entitled Autopsy.glass and to propose a workshop at the FabLab of the Dôme based on the Soft Revolvers, we wish to encourage you to live this sensorial experience. Soft Revolvers is an audiovisual performance of four transparent and acrylic tops, created by the artist. Thanks to sensors placed inside the interfaces, each spinning top controls the sounds of an electronic music composition. With their large circumference and their role as musical instrument, the tops evoke the DJ-ing of the turn tables and hip-hop culture : sonic paintings are witness to these popular influences , moving freely between consonant and dissonant rhythms. Elegant and percussive!



Les tontons bringueurs (FR) 11:30 pm

Les Tontons Bringueurs is a collective composed of 15 DJ’s reunited by electronic music. For the festival ]interstice[ for which they will perform at the opening and closing night at the Cargö and at the Dôme, Flo.S will mix a melodic techno and percussive bass while Ni1ce will offer up a House set.


A new form of partnership, “Correspondances” associates “exterior” artistic programming with the festival enabling new affiliations and new sites to be connected to the expanding reaches unveiled by ]interstice[.

correspondance 01

l'étourneur (FR)
variations autour de l'écoute
café des images
4 square du théâtre
14200 Hérouville saint-clair

mardi 2 mai 19h
Step Accross The Border

Step Across The Border © Nicolas Humbert et Werner Penzel

A proposition by Café des Images and the association L’Étourneur at the occasion of the album release Controlled Freaks from the group Nooumena, the 26th of February, 2017. The idea is intriguingly simple : listen to the album in a movie hall, in the darkness belonging to film projection. Collective listening, shared, of a strong and singular musical object : the progressive rock (or Rock in opposition) of the home grown Caen group Nooumena. To displace this habitually intimate listening towards the dark movie hall is the occasion to wonder what images are brought forward by the music. What is shared of the invisible, virgin screen with the space of projection (mental).

7:00 pm
Video sequence, a true dialogue of image and sound, perceptive to the emotion that we wish to share.

7:10 pm
Collective listening of the New album Controlled Freaks by the group Nooumena

Pierre Blin (drums, synthe - recording and mixing)
Thibault Geay (voice, guitar - texts and artwork)
Maxime Métais (guitar, saxophone)
Simon Toralba (bass)
Jocelyn Debart (violin)
Masterised by Antoine Quoniam

8:00 pm
Dinner and discussion at the restaurant of the Café des Images and projection of the fascinating short film by Frank Herz Ten Minutes Older, which will prolong the reflection already begun on our relationships to sound, to image and to show.

9:30 pm
Projection of Step Across the Border, cult documentary film by Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel on the musician Fred Frith, the immense figure of progressive music.

A multi-disciplinary cultural association in a DIY approach and style. L’étourneur exists now more than two years. Based in Vacognes-Neuilly (an old orphanage), the association organises concerts in Caen and neighbouring towns , has constructed its own recording studio, recently began releasing albums, and proposes workshops for musical creation in several schools, assists at film shoots… L’étourneur values original practices, audacious programming, pedagogy and creation.

prices :
1st part
listeniing Controlled Freaks : 4€ or 10€ with CD
2nd part
dinner : 15€, Complete formula (excluding drinks) on reservation at 02 31 46 96 81.
3rd part
only movie : habitual prices
Or the 2 parts in theatre : 8,50€ or 14,50€ with CD


logo Café des images logo l'étourneur



In 2016 the Station Mir created PROTOTYPE(S) that has spanned many modes of expression, aims to put into action ideas and an artistic, pedagogical and structural project in partnership with cultural actors in Normandy.

Since its creation, the festival ]interstice[ has evolved in its artistic choices as it has in its public appearances. The recent editions have allowed the association to take its place in the local landscape and inscribe itself in an international network. In this regard, the meeting with the Canadian artist Herman Kolgen was a large determining factor on one hand, because it permitted the initiation of an international program of ambitious arts and sciences residencies built on the cooperation and the pooling and shared competencies. On the other it enabled a collective reflection on the means that need developing in order to push more projects in relation to “ digital cultures ”.

Envisioned as a production and reflection tool, PROTOTYPE(S) is a vocation in evolution. The dynamism carried by the ensemble of our partners enriches this program which in 2017 included 5 chapters :

Professional Encounters
FabLab workshop
Production Residencies
Publicising and accompanying the projects
Archives and website

Professional Encounters

école supérieure d’arts & médias caen/cherbourg
17 cours caffarelli

from 9 am to 3:30 pm thursday 4th May
Free access (limited gauge) on reservation at the adress : lucbrou@gmail.com

The deciding factors linked to “creation and digital cultures” are diverse and shared. The “digital” allows for a transversal approach to the issues both general and specific that arise when digital technology changes our vision of the world. At both a local and a regional level, the Station Mir initiates a study in order to establish a diagnosis and pre cognisance that may constitute the axis (axes) of the work needing development. This information will reinforce collaborations and thus collectively we may put into place policy for digital cultural production, distribution and research in Normandy.
This study was put into place with our cultural partners with support from the Drac Normandie, from the Region of Normandy, and from the department of Calvados and the city of Caen.

This day - which will be followed by a performance by Autopsy.glass by Myriam Bleau in the auditorium of the ésam - will be facilitated by Maxine Grugier, journalist for Digitalarti, for MCD, Trax Magazine, for Le Petit Bulletin in Lyon and is also responsible for development at XLR project, laboratory for art and production of multimedia works in Lyon.

fablab worshop

with the artist Myriam Bleau
le dôme
3 esplanade stéphane hessel

from 10 am to 6 pm friday 5th may
Registration is needeed : 8 euros / 15 tickets

Myriam Bleau

Soft revolvers © Leif Norman

At the occasion of the Soft Revolvers performance at the Dôme for the closing of festival ]interstice[ Saturday, May 6, Myriam Bleau will facilitate at the FabLab a workshop based on her transparent acrylic tops, each of which contain a sensor placed within the interface permitting electronic musical composition.

After a short presentation of her international artistic career, the participants of the workshop are invited to make prototypes based on the transformation of the data issued by the inertial centres (accelerometer, gyroscope, etc…) as musical elements. The dynamic of the movements will be guided by a group of recycled materials or objects made for the occasion with the tools from the FabLab and which dispose of their own dynamic : clock, ball, shoe, clothes, etc.

The FabLab at the Dôme is a community workshop of fabrication and manufacturing. There is offered traditional tools as well as machines functioning on digital command laser cutting, drilling and engraving, 3D printer… These tools and machines allow the use of various materials (plastic, wood, cardboard, vinyl,…) in order to create all sorts of objects whether it be ‘hand-made’ or computer assisted conception or fabrication.

The FabLab is a space open to all. it offers the possibility to repair or create objects oneself, to share your competencies and to learn through the contact with the workshop chief and the other users. I place of exchange of know-how, where each might learn with the contact of the workshop technician and the other users. Because a FabLab, it is much more than a workshop, it is a community of “doers”, a place of exchange of skills and know how, where each person can learn and share their knowledge with other users.

The FabLab at the Dôme also proposes all year long a collection of workshops of discovery and initiation to discover the machines and the materials, as well as learn to use 2D and 32 creation software.


production residencies

herman kolgen (CA)
isotopp (performance & installation)

© Luc Brou

ISOTOPP is a collaboration between the Canadian artist Herman Kolgen, the Dôme, GANIL (the grand national accelerator of heavy ions), the Cargo produced by the Station Mir and with the support from the foundation Mécènes Caen Normandie, So Numérique, l’sam (superior school of arts and media of Caen/Cherbourg) and the Council for the arts and letters of Quebec.

Based on his meeting with the researchers of the GANIL (Grand National Accelerator of Heavy Ions) Jean-Charles Thomas and also Thomas Roger, Herman Kolgen has conceived an initial version of a presentation with the idea - in the form of a stage bound performance and an installation - an interpretation of the research activity of the GANIL. After this first phase, for which one pedagogical chapter and one workshop in October 2016, several stages of prototyping in Montreal and in Caen are in progress for validating the technical solutions prior to a residency at the Cargö aiming to put the production on stage before its first public presentation at the occasion of the Nordik Impakt festival in October 2017.

For the study of atomic structure, the GANIL proceeds by bombarding and colliding the of nuclei thrown at very high speeds. The idea is to project at 100,000 km/sec a ray of nuclei projectiles which are heavy ions (chemical elements which the weight is situated between the weight of a carbon atom and that of a uranium atom) against the target nuclei. The effects produced by this bombarding will be recorded by detectors, and then studied in detail by the researchers. Herman Kolgen conceptualises a presentation for the stage and for exhibition so that he might translate the research produced at the GANIL, in transposing these notions based on concrete data, for the creation in dynamic terms the sonic and visual materials.

yro & martin messier (FR/CA)
microscopes (performance)

« MICROSCOPES is an experimental work, a scientific expedition, a collaboration between the audiovisual that unveils the imperceptible and inaudible through amplification procedures. It is an exploration that lets us see and hear the microscopic dimension of materials, whether it be alive or inert. From the micro to the macroscopic, they reveal to us these forces existing at a molecular scale enlarging its potential for mutation until we are rendered witness to its disappearance.”

MICROSCOPES is a franco-québécoise co-production which the Station Mir associated itself with. Since the two artists had participated to the festival ]interstice[, Yro in 2014 (with an audiovisual performance at the ésam) and Martin Messier in 2015 (notably the orchestra of sewing machines Sewing Machine at the Artothèque). After a meeting in Montreal with Martin Messier and in Caen with Yro, we have “entered” into this partnership project in integrating the expertise and the accompaniment of the teams of the Dôme and the Cargö.
The stage technical work phase will take place during winter 2018 after two stages of prior residencies in Montreal and Gijon in Spain before the public presentation at the occasion of the 13th edition of ]interstice[ in May 2018.

Martin Messier and Yro will be placed behind a composed array of cameras, of microscopes and microphones, a light table, all of which connected to a computer. They will place materials on the light tables and simultaneously multiply their interventions on these bodies putting the materials in motion. These reactions will be scrutinised by the microscope and captured by the microphones, and then projected on two juxtaposed square screens.

thibaut bellière & paul duncombe (FR)
nova stella (installation)
SUper Nova

NOVA STELLA is a collaboration between the artists Paul Duncombe (graduate of the ÉNSAD the National Superior School for the Decorative Arts in Paris in 2014) and Thibaut Bellière (graduated from the ésam the superior school for the arts and media in Caen in 2015) following a workshop in October 2016 led by Herman Kolgen at the Dôme in partnership with the ésam at the occasion of the project ISOTOPP. Paul Duncombe and Thibaut Bellière discovered the muoscope, a mobile cosmodetector of the GANIL (Grand National Accelerator of Heavy Ions) and of the LHC (Laboratory of Corpuscular Physics) which captures the particles emitted by the explosions of stars.

“The Cosmodetector connected to a concert piano interprets in real time the movements of stardust, souvenirs of far cataclysms, transforming this invisible bombardment into a musical score. The particles will be the notes, their trajectory will define the tonality, their speed will be the measure, and their energy the power with which the hammers strike the steel cords in the instrument. With each impact, as the musical composition becomes more complex, the atmosphere of the entire piece comes alive according to the intensity of the cosmic rays : the light vascillates, with imperceptible trembling propagation, and at a couple steps from the piano, in place of a score, an artisanal display reveals tiny shining trails, the particles sing in their incessant chute.”

The objective is to produce an installation that will be exhibited at the occasion of the festival ]interstice[ 2018 in a venue left to be determined. The production, after completing an initial phase of composition has arrived at its start.

Publicising and accompanying the projects

Station Mir boasts a policy of artistic production through residencies and exhibitions destined for young artists exiting the sam such as Romain Lepage or to those “artist-companions” such as Nicolas Tourte and Julien Poidevin. Over and above the event ]interstice[ we have the desire to follow the trajectory of artists with which we have begun a collaboration.

Nicolas tourte (FR)
Super Nova

Lupanar, 2015 © Nicolas Tourte

Lupanar is an audiovisual installation produced by the Station Mir in 2015 and shown for the first time during the 10th edition of the festival in the galleria at the sam. Ambitious production, it will be newly presented at the occasion his personal exhibition Intermediary Visions at the Château d’Hardelot (Condette, Pas-de-Calais) which will take place from March 25th until September 17, 2017.


Romain Lepage (FR)

Station Mir accompanies Romain Lepage in 2017, already having exhibited at the 102ter space in 2013 and in 2016 at the Abbaye-aux-Dames (with Adrien Lefebvre), for a residency with the national initiative “Creation en cours” (or creation in progress) piloted by Médicis-Clichy-Montfermeil within the program for Creation & Research.
“Création en cours” is a national initiative of support for young artists working on projects of research and creation that may integrate a time of transmission in those school that are found furthest from the reach of cultural programming.
Fournitures is the title of his project at the school Flaubert/La Varende at Vimoutiers in the department of Orne. It is a participative creation of benches, closely linked with the techniques of Plan Libre, model created by Mies van der Rohe, and with a work on “Urban furniture” and “Useful Sculpture” to permit the initiation of the students to creations in public space.


Julien Poidevin (FR)

In 2015, Julien Poidevin was invited to present his installation at the Pavillon and to develop for the festival ]interstice[ its spatialise sound application, Géosonic Mix. We committed ourselves to a development in two phases : a “festival” version and in 2016, an application entitled Géosonic Mix Normandie Impressioniste. Presented to the public in September 2016, these two applications are still freely available for download on our platform.
On March 10, 2017 he was invited by the collective MU to precent this project produced by the Station Mir at the Gaité Lyrique in response to the question “ How to adapt the progress of those sound technology to writing, aesthetics, the experience of the spectator and to the development of technological systems?”.

Géosonic Mix Normandie Impressionniste
download at :

logo Apple store logo Google Play store

QR Code lien vers Géosonic Mix



archives station mir


© fabrice dubreuil

he association Station Mir has now begun its 20th year. At its origin, conceived as a platform for pooling technical resources and know-how, the Station Mir has allowed for the realisation for numerous collective projects both audiovisual and multimedia both in France and Abroad. The association has also welcomed in residency, edited, produced, exhibited and collaborated with more than 400 artists come from all over the world before taking charge the direction, the organisation and the production of the festival ]interstice[. This event has permitted to share with the public works from over 150 international artists (25 countries represented) and to develop with certain of those projects for further creation.

The archives of the Station Mir are numerous and at this moment when we open to a new period of development, it seemed necessary to bring them to light. Since the arrival of the digital, the concerns linked with conservation and with the transmission of archives have considerably evolved. The question of collective artistic memory, the modalities of organisation, production and distribution have changed. The volume, the speed, the indexation, the obsolescence of the supports oblige us to rethink their exploitation.

The experience of the association is placed in service to a project that is in permanent evolution. To render public the archives of the Station Mir just might offer a tool that accompanies the future development of the question of creation and digital culture in Normand territory. The totality of the archives will be put online during 2017 at the following address :
Webmaster : c.bouder@free.fr


Partners, credits, legal informations, thanks

The festival ]interstice[ is produced by
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emma nanternoz
tom ouitre
laura perrin
annabella ronsin
mathilde sevaux
alexie turgis
adèle vallet
]interstice[ typography
le module - océane by
imagery and graphic design
david dronet
christophe bouder
pierre le cann
photographs and videos
jean-marc dronet
christophe bouder
mathieu lion
stefanie hayes
with the participation of luc brou
All the teams and staff of the receptions loactions and also patrick simon, nicolas germain, jean-jacques passera, jean-marc thomas, elian goichon, geoffrey fouesneau, ulysse...



accès / Lieux

plan du festival

1 : Église Saint-Sauveur, square Saint-Sauveur, 14000 Caen
2 : Abbaye-Aux-Dames, square Reine Mathilde, 14000 Caen
3 : Le Pavillon, 10 quay François Mitterrand, 14000 Caen
4 : Le Dôme, 3 esplanade Stéphane Hessel, 14000 Caen
5 : Le Cargö, 9 cours Caffarelli, 14000 Caen
6 : ésam Caen/Cherbourg, 17 cours Cafarelli, 14000 Caen
7 : Café des Images, 4 square du théâtre, 14200 Hérouville Saint-Clair